From the Table of the National President,

Ilesa Grammar School Old Students’ Association, ILEGSOSA


1.1.1 Dear Fellow Old Students.
I believe you are all doing fine in your various endeavours wherever you are. I pray that the second half of the year 2021, will be blissful and favour-filled for all of us, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Amen

1.1.2 The National Publicity and Mobilisation Secretary had provided a summary of our efforts in the last two months since we came on board. I am providing some more details on the status of affairs but, more importantly, to show clearly, our intentions and aspirations. We pray the Lord continues to guide us.

1.2 The about three years, October 2017 to November 2020, during which there are were no students in our school, inflicted a creeping dilapidation, still difficult to arrest, on the school. I am happy to state that, the hiccups at the run-up to 2021 AGM, notwithstanding, enthusiasm and morale amongst old students, remain high, and continue to rise. I am also happy to let you know that more and more old students are ready to join hands in the rehabilitation and restoration works ahead

1.3 The tasks before us are heavy, and multi-faceted, but the present executive is resolved to confront the challenges, by giving not less than our best at all times. In facing these tasks, we have split what need be done into simpler units, and we have set up smaller bodies, as committees, to tackle each unit. Our thinking is that such approach will fast-track the works, and ensure prompt delivery. In all, the National Executive remains the driver.

1.4.1 Meanwhile, five Committees have been put together. The chairmen and members of four of the committees are already on ground, and have commenced works. The four committees are :

(i) Projects Identification, Prioritisation, Implementation and Monitoring Committee

(ii) Membership Records and Digitalization Committee

(iii) Constitution Review and Finalisation Committee

(iv) Contacts and Mobilisation Committee

1.4.2 At the Executive Committee meeting of July 3rd, the fifth committee : Finance and Education Endowment Committee, was put together. Chairman and members of this important committee are being contacted for their concurrence. We expect these consultations to be over very soon

1.4.3 . In Part 4 of this update, details of the terms of reference, chairman and membership, of each Committee will be provided.
This is being done basically for information. However the more important reason is there. The reason is to invite all old students, each, to be member of one or two or more committees. The way to do this is by showing interest in the assignments of the committee. This could be by way of making suggestions or contributions, or by way of providing or volunteering information, or by way of providing guidance. This is the main reason why names and contact numbers of chairman and members of each committee are made available for easy reach. In the particular case of the Contacts and Mobilisation Committee, for example, I expect all old students to be in that committee, first to contact and sensitize selves and later contact and sensitize as many others as possible.



2.1 I just want to touch this briefly, as this, for now, cannot be to any details. Indeed, the reason I am saying anything about it now is that I have received quite some remarks, directly or indirectly, about our having no statements of accounts presented at AGM

2.2.1 The Financial Secretary presented a report at AGM, but nothing was received from the Treasurer. Of course, there was no auditor’s report.

2.2.2 As at the time of preparing this update, we are yet to be able to access the Association’s accounts, and obtain the statement from the bank. Thus, we are not in the position yet, to reconcile the bank statement with what the Financial Secretary prepared at AGM

Once we obtain the bank statement, I assure all members that the summary from the bank and the one from the Financial Secretary will be made available to all. Luckily, the Financial Secretary is still on board with us, and, IF there are any questions at all, he, will be able to clear such on behalf of the last administration.

2.3.1 However, from the statement given by the Financial Secretary, I can tell you that the Association is not buoyant. Outside the 5m Edowment Fund given by Baba E. A. Adeboye, our Association can not boast of a million Naira, after settling a sum hovering around two hundred thousand naira indebtedness on ground

2.3.2 This picture makes us look poor, but we are not. We are rich, indeed very rich. I believe, with the galaxy of stars on ILEGSOSA firmament, our credit is inexhaustible. My dear Fellow Old Students, I know you need not be reminded of your dues, but we shall soon be reaching out to you for your donations, voluntary donations, to fast track the gigantic rehabilitation and restoration works before us. I trust that you can restore your school, and I believe God will help us.

2.3.3. Finally on this subject, I can tell you, once we can access the accounts, and we get the statements, we shall just draw the line to mark our starting point, and we shall move on from there.
We shall keep proper records and accounts. I give you the assurance that we shall ensure transparent transparency and deliberate accountability.



3.1 My dear seniors, my classmates, my juniors, our school is back, but it is not yet back to the old grace and glory

For the umpteenth time, I may remind you, that our school, Ilesa Grammar School, was founded in 1934, by the legendary Egbe Atunluse of Ijesaland.
In the whole of the Eastern part of Yorubaland, it was the fourth, coming after Ondo Boys’ High School, 1919, Oduduwa College, 1932, and Christ School, Ado-Ekiti 1933.
In the whole of Ijesaland, It remained the only secondary school for twenty years (1934-1954), until when Obokun High School came next in 1954.

3.2.1 By 2017, eighty three years after its establishment, our school has come to symbolize the result of the struggles and efforts of past Ijesa Patriots and Heros. Indeed, long before then, and till now, our school is regarded, not just as a secondary school, but as a Legacy, and one to be jealously protected.

3.2.2 It is sad, indeed painful, that, the last Osun State administration’s “unthinking”, (if I may borrow late Prof Odekunle’s coinage) education policy, could attempt to phase out such a monument of history. But, God has used Governor Adegboyega Oyetola to wipe our tears, Ilesa Grammar School is back. However, there is a lot to be done to restore the school to the old lofty grace and glamour. The task before us is enormous, but I believe we shall overcome. I shall be getting in touch with you on this subject from time to time.

3.3 I have said this many times, and in many fora, bear no grudges against those who caused us these pains. Forgive them, for they knew not what they were doing. It was not their fault. Remember, only the deep can appreciate the deep. Only those who went to good schools, can appreciate good schools.

E Huwa Omoluabi

Through the Love of God Our Saviour, All shall be well.




4.1.1 As stated earlier, four of the committees are on ground.
The chairman and members, as well as the terms of reference, of each of the committees will be provided here. The fifth committee is in the making. The chairman is on ground, but the proposed members are being consulted for their concurrence. As soon as this process is completed, you will be informed

4.1.2 Allow me to repeat, all old students are members of all committees. This can be done in many ways, most especially by showing interest in the works of the committees. I implore, indeed expect, old students to make suggestions, provide guidance, volunteer information, respond promptly to questionnaires, etc, etc.

4.1.3 The success of the works of the committees depends on each and all of us. For example, if any Sets or any individuals, wish to do anything for the school, all that need be done is to get in touch with the Projects Committee. The Set or the individual will be guided as to what projects are on the list, with the cost and urgency of such projects. Further, it is expected that, old students should respond quickly to any questions from the Membership Records Committee, and all should contribute freely to the Review of the Constitution that will govern the Association.
Our hope is that this National Executive will birth a modern and modernised Association. God will help us.

4.2. Below are the Committees

(I) Projects Identification, Prioritisation, Implementation and Monitoring Committee

(a) The Committee is a broad-based body, vital to the aims and objectives of the current executive and of the Association.

The committee is to;

(i) Identify projects that require attention in our school. (Projects here refer to new infrastructures as well as those on ground that require repair, refurbishment, or reconstruction or equipments to purchase or needs, including teachers, to be put in place.
School implies the two locations of our school.

(ii) Cost and prioritize each project or need or equipment.

(iii) Contact, serve as link with Sets, Branches, donors, philanthropists, bodies and/or agencies of government or private organisations, who wish to assist our school.
Avail such bodies with the list of projects and guide them in the choice of projects in relation to their financial capabilities.

(iv) Monitor the implementation of the project to ensure the project meets the maximum need for which it is designed.

(v) Complete the development of the master plan reflecting new or proposed infrastructures on the old school site, and

(vi) Effectively serve as the contact, co-ordinating and clearing house for projects and projects implementation, and undertake any other ancillary functions necessary for the success and enhancement of the work of the committee.

(b) The Chairman of the Committee is :

• Engr. Kayode Adejuyigbe

The other members are:

• Chief Akinloye Ajayi-Obe

• The VP Dr. Wale Bolorunduro

• The Gen. Sec. Mr. Bambo

And the Three Principals:

• Mrs. Yomi Mohammed

• Mrs. A. I. Awe

•Mr. L.R. Orisajimi

(II) Membership Records and Digitalization Committee

(a) The committee is to compile the records of all old students still living, from year to year, set by set, in an organized detailed format, all on a single register, such that members can:

(i) Be identified, accessed and reached online.

(ii) Register and be registered online.

(iii) Pay dues and contributions online.

(iv) Attend meetings and vote online.

(b) The Chairman of the Committee is :

• Dr Adigun Adeniran Adewoye

The other members are:

• Mr Bolaji Moyo

• Mr. Biola Folorunso

The Gen. Secretary
•Mr. Bambo Olatunbosun

The Director of Publicity & Mobilization.
•Mr. Nathaniel Ogedengbe

(c) This committee has two resource persons.

The first is

• Mr. Jide Abiola
an Old Student, former Gen. Sec. of our Association, and Principal of the school for seven years. ( 2004-2011) He is a good source of information.

The second is

• Dr. Diipo, Folorunso,

Though not an Old Student, but a friend of the Association, a Chief Lecturer in the College, and versed in IT. He has agreed to assist the Committee.

(III) Constitution Review and Finalisation Committee

(a). Background

(i) The current Constitution was signed into operation13th May 2017. It was put up for review in 2019. The review had commenced and it had reached advanced stage by December 2020, having been considered by the National Executive and the National Working Committee.

(ii) However, before AGM approval, and especially during the run-up to the AGM, it became obvious that there are a large number of our members outside Nigeria in Diaspora, and that there is the need for our constitution to recognize not just their numerical strength, but also to accommodate their views and positions.

(iii) Besides, not a few felt that the constitution review was not publicized enough to allow for more ideas and contributions.

(b) Terms of Reference

In view of the above, the Committee is, among other things, to :

(i) Give wide publicity to this final review exercise so as to elicit robust ideas and contributions from members, all over the world. In this respect, the Publicity Secretary of the Association, Mr. Nathaniel Ogedengbe, can be of assistance.

(ii) Incorporate into the new Constitution, two positions for the Vice President: Vice President 1, from members that are home-based, while Vice President 2, will come from members in Diaspora. Also, there is the need to make provision for two positions of Assistant General Secretary 1 and 2, home-based and in Diaspora, respectively.

(iii) Provide for final ratification of, or any amendments to, the Constitution to be done by the Annual General Meeting, AGM, or by an Extraordinary General
Meeting EGM, summoned solely for the specific purpose of ratifying or amending the Constitution.

(c) The chairman of the committee is

•Barrister Dosu Babatunde

The other members of the committee are:

• Barr. (Dr.) Janet Fashakin

• Mr. Jide Abiola

And the Assistant General Secretary

Mr. Sunday Akadiri

(IV). Contacts and Mobilisation Committee

(a) The Committee will:
• Identify
• List
• Establish contact
• Liaise with
• Sensitize, etc, etc

Individual old students, Sets, philanthropists, agencies of government or non-governmental organizations e.t.c, that are willing, or can be persuaded to be willing to assist our school in the envisaged developmental programmes

(ii) Encourage Sets, individuals, to pay their dues, and encourage individuals to make contributions outside dues.

(iii) Solicit for and raise funds or serve as a special vehicle for linkage to the Finance and Education Endowment Committee or to any other Committee as the situation may require.

(b) The Chairman of the Committee is the Vice President,

•Dr Adewale Bolorunduro

The other members of the Committee are:

• Mr. Jide Abiola

• Chief Bayo Fagbulu

• Barr.(Dr.) Janet Fashakin

• Mrs. Toyin Owoeye

• Mr. Nathaniel Ogedengbe

(c). Dr Janet Fashakin, Chief Bayo Fagbulu and Mrs. Toyin Owoeye will specifically link with our members in diaspora on this subject

(V) Finance and Education Endowment Committee

This is the fifth Committee
The work of this Committee will be similar to that of the Contacts and Mobilisation Committee. But, while the Contacts/Mobilisation committee works majorly on, and within, old students, the Finance/Education Endowment committee will work on non-members, philanthropists, government, and government agencies etc, etc

Thus, the Committee will:
• Identify
• List
• Establish contact
• Liaise with

individuals, philanthropists, agencies of government or non-governmental organizations/bodies, etc, to assist our school in our developmental programmes

(b) Solicit for and raise funds

(c) Serve as a special vehicle for the source, or linkage to the source, of finance, to any other Committee of the Association as the situation may require.

The Chairman of the Committee is the Treasurer of the Association:

• Chief Afolabi Igbaroola

We are contacting other members of the committee to firm up the membership. We intend to reach out far and wide. As soon as this process is completed, members will be duly informed

I thank you for sparing the time to go through this update.
Please, circulate to all old students.

I remain Sincerely Yours

Obi Daramola

National President
Ilesa Grammar School Old Students’ Association
09 July 2021