The National Working Committee

Ilesa Grammar School Old Students’ Association

1. Projects Identification, Prioritisation, Implementation and Monitoring Committee.

(a) The Committee is a broad-based body, vital to the aims and objectives of the current executive and of the Association.

The committee is to;

(i) Identify projects that require attention in our school. (Projects here refer to new infrastructures as well as those on ground that require repair, refurbishment, or reconstruction or equipment to purchase or needs, including teachers, to be put in place.
School implies the two locations of our school.

(ii) Cost and prioritize each project or need or equipment.

(iii) Contact, serve as link with Sets, Branches, donors, philanthropists, bodies and/or agencies of government or private organizations, who wish to assist our school.
Avail such bodies with the list of projects and guide them in the choice of projects in relation to their financial capabilities.

(iv) Monitor the implementation of the project to ensure the project meets the maximum need for which it is designed.

(v) Complete the development of the master plan reflecting new or proposed infrastructures on the old school site, and

(vi) Effectively serve as the contact, coordinating and clearing house for projects and projects implementation, and undertake any other ancillary functions necessary for the success and enhancement of the work of the committee.


2. Membership Records and Digitalisation Committee

(a) The committee is to oversee the re-design, development and maintenance of the association’s website to facilitate the compilation of the records of all old students still living, from year to year, set by set, in an organized detailed format such that members can:

(i) Be identified, accessed and reached online

(ii) Register and be registered online

(iii) Make donations and pay annual dues online

(iv) Attend meetings and vote online.


3. Constitution Review and Finalisation Committee

(a). Background

(i) The current Constitution was signed into operation13th May 2017. It was put up for review in 2019. The review had commenced and it had reached advanced stage by December 2020, having been considered by the National Executive and the National Working Committee.

(ii) However, before AGM approval, and especially during the run-up to the AGM, it became obvious that there are a large number of our members outside Nigeria in Diaspora, and that there is the need for our constitution to recognize not just their numerical strength, but also to accommodate their views and positions.

(iii) Besides, not a few felt that the constitution review was not publicized enough to allow for more ideas and contributions.

(b) Terms of Reference

In view of the above, the Committee is, among other things, to :

(i) Give wide publicity to this final review exercise so as to elicit robust ideas and contributions from members, all over the world. In this respect, the Publicity Secretary of the Association, Mr. Nathaniel Ogedengbe, can be of assistance.

(ii) Incorporate into the new Constitution, two positions for the Vice President: Vice President 1, from members that are home-based, while Vice President 2, will come from members in Diaspora. Also, there is the need to make provision for two positions of Assistant General Secretary 1 and 2, home-based and in Diaspora, respectively.

(iii) Provide for final ratification of, or any amendments to, the Constitution to be done by the Annual General Meeting, AGM, or by an Extraordinary General
Meeting EGM, summoned solely for the specific purpose of ratifying or amending the Constitution.


4. Contacts and Mobilisation Committee

(a) The Committee will:

• Identify
• List
• Establish contact
• Liaise with
• Sensitize, etc, etc

Individual old students, Sets, philanthropists, agencies of government or non-governmental organizations e.t.c, that are willing, or can be persuaded to be willing to assist our school in the envisaged developmental programmed

(ii) Encourage Sets, individuals, to pay their dues, and encourage individuals to make contributions outside dues.

(iii) Solicit for and raise funds or serve as a special vehicle for linkage to the Finance and Education Endowment Committee or to any other Committee as the situation may require.


5. Finance and Education Endowment Committee

The work of this Committee will be similar to that of the Contacts and Mobilization Committee. But, while the Contacts/Mobilization committee works majorly on, and within, old students, the Finance/Education Endowment committee will work on non-members, philanthropists, government, and government agencies etc, etc

Thus, the Committee will:
• Identify
• List
• Establish contact
• Liaise with

individuals, philanthropists, agencies of government or non-governmental organizations/bodies, etc, to assist our school in our developmental programmes

(b) Solicit for and raise funds

(c) Serve as a special vehicle for the source, or linkage to the source, of finance, to any other Committee of the Association as the situation may require.